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Office hours:
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (UTC+11) : 08.30-17.45
Moscow (UTC+3) : 08.45-17.15

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Office hours:
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (UTC+11) : 08.30-17.45
Moscow (UTC+3) : 08.45-17.15


Quality, Security, Health, Safety and Environment Protection Policy Statement

The Company’s goal is to provide geodetic, hydrographic and geophysical services, as well as to provide aerial survey services using UAVs in accordance with the established requirements of customers, the government and society in the field of quality, safety, labor protection, health and the environment.

The prime value of the Company is highly qualified, healthy, active and constantly developing people.

The company's management undertakes to:

  • create safe, healthy and efficient working conditions;
  • prevent injuries and possibility of developing occupational diseases;
  • protect the environment, use resources rationally, prevent accidental pollution, reduce the negative impact on the environment;
  • continuously improve the skills of employees, including emergency readiness;
  • conduct consultations with employees, as well as ensure their participation in the activities of the HSE;
  • comply with agreed customer policies and procedures;
  • maintain and update the company’s equipment, infrastructure and computer software;
  • increase production efficiency and reduce costs;
  • determine the most significant indicators of the quality of services for customers and constantly improve them;
  • constantly improve the integrated management system and its effectiveness;
  • provide resources for the implementation of this Policy.


These obligations are additional to the main obligation to comply with the requirements of the developed integrated management system, as well as all legislative, regulatory and contractual requirements.

Strategic goals of the Company:

  • Zero injuries and occupational health cases;
  • Zero spills and accidental pollutions;
  • Zero cases of mechanical, facilities malfunction and accidents;
  • Compliance with the requirements and expectations of all stakeholders;
  • Zero negative responses from our clients.

Key authorities and obligations

Overall and final responsibility for quality, security, health, safety and environmental protection is that of Company’s General Director. Senior managers at the facility are responsible for implementing this policy in the workplace.

Each manager ensures compliance with all the requirements of the Company, customers, standards and legislation. The specialists of the HSE department are obliged to assist managers at all levels in implementing this Policy and provide independent active and reactive control. Each employee, within the limits of his powers, is responsible for compliance with the requirements of quality, labor protection, health and environmental protection.

Everyone has the right to stop any work or operation if they consider it unsafe. All employees and contractors are responsible for maintaining respectful relationships with colleagues. Visitors and contractors are required to follow the requirements of this Policy.

General director



Sergey Antipov