Romona Inc. offers following services:


1. Site surveys for mobile offshore drilling units and drilling vessels installation, including:1.0

  • Bathymetric and seafloor imagery surveys
  • Side Scan Sonar surveys
  • Magnetometer surveys
  • Single channel and multi-channel sub-bottom profiling??????????
  • Digital seismic 2D High and Ultra High resolution surveys
  • Coring down to 6m below the seabed
  • Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)
  • Data processing

2. Metocean data collection for the critical conditions of the facilities exploitation modeling, including:service2

  • Wave parameters
  • Currents direction and speed
  • Tidal variations
  • Meteorological data (wind, air pressure, air temperature etc.)

3. Navigational and hydrographic support of all marine transportation and construction works, including:

  • Inspection of facilities tow routes3
  • Inspection of sites for permanent offshore platforms installation and pipelines laying
  • Transporting vessels and barges navigation following the approved routes
  • Facilities navigation support  during installation on site
  • Navigation and positioning of floating cranes, pipe-laying barges and tugs
  • As-built survey of marine facilities actual location
  • Survey support and control of dredging and backfilling operations
  • Survey support of pipeline onshore landfalls

4. Offshore facilities position and tilt monitoring


5. Pipelines depth of burial determination


6. Vessels positioning during anchor laying on sites with complex system of underwater cables and pipelines


7. Metocean data collection on oilfields (waves, winds, currents, tides etc.).


8. Sub-sea inspections using Remotely operated vehicles (ROV)8

  • Ultrasonic measurement
  • Cleaning of underwater constructions and vehicles from fouling
  • Cathodic potentials measuring
  • Removing of underwater debris
  • General visual inspection using ROV

9. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)



  • Ice monitoring
  • Oil spill control
  • Pipelines and power lines Inspection
  • Thermal imaging
  • Forest Fire Monitoring
  • Wildlife survey

10. Data processing

9 9.1