Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) (БЛА)

Currently, unmanned systems are becoming a part of our life. ROMONA Inc has been developing this direction since 2015, when for the first time in Russia it used unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor ice conditions. The works were carried out in the Tatar Strait with the help of the Supercam S350 aircraft.

In 2018, our company began using the UAV Orlan – 10 for inspection of oil and gas pipelines in the Sakhalin Region and the Khabarovsk Territory, and quadrocopter Matrice 210 RTK for inspecting flare zones, oil platforms, surveying chimneys, transmission lines and cadastral works.


                                                                                                                 UAV Specifications:

Characteristic: Supercam S350 Орлан – 10 Matrice 210 RTK
 Рисунок1  13123  11
Take-off weight, kg up to 10,5 up to 18 before 6
The payload, kg up to 2,5 up to 4 before 2
Engine electrical ICE (petrol А-95) Electric
Starting method elastic catapult collapsible catapult operated
Landing by parachute by parachute operated
Air speed, km/h 65-120 90-150 60- 80
Max. duration of flight, hours up to 4 up to 14 up to 30 minutes
Max. altitude above sea level, m 3600 6000 3000
Max. permissible wind speed at start, m / s 10 10 5
Operating temperature range at the surface from -30 till +40 from -30 till +40 from -20 to +45

The UAV are equipped with a professional camera, on-board video camera, thermal imager, optionally a gyrostabilized video camera can be installed. The UAV can be positioned in the RTC mode.

Practical application: 

  • Inspection of pipelines and other long objects
  • Observations of wildlife
  • Erosion determination
  • Unauthorized works determination
  • Leaks / spills detection
  • Facility changes tracking
  • Search of land surface areas with traces of unauthorized crossing of the strip of diversion by technical means
  • Thermal imaging
  • Monitoring of ice conditions
  • Monitoring of forest fires
  • Monitoring of objects
  • Monitoring of snow cover
  • Survey of transmission lines
  • Agriculture (crop survey)
  • Refinery inspection
  • Monitoring of emergency situations
  • Kadastral works











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