Ultra short baseline systems

USBL (ultra-short baseline, also sometimes known as SSBL for super short base line is a method of underwater acoustic positioning. A complete USBL system consists of a transceiver, which is mounted on a pole under a ship, and a transponder or responder on the seafloor, a towfish, or on an ROV. A computer, or “topside unit”, is used to calculate a position from the ranges and bearings measured by the transceiver.

USBL Kongsberg uPAP 200

Operating ranges 4000 м
Angle of view ± 80°
Accuracy 0,68 % of slant range

USBL Sonardyne Ranger 2

Operating ranges 6000 m
Angle of view ± 90°
Accuracy 0,20 % of slant range

USBL TrackLink 1500

Operating ranges 1500 m
Angle of view ± 75°
Accuracy 2 % of slant range