GeoPulse Pinger system

GeoPulse is the survey industry’s industry standard Sub-Bottom Profiler system. Its proven success is due to its reliability, ruggedness, ease of operation and flexibility.

Sub-Seabed structures are delineated using reflexions from a selectable single frequency multi-cycle high power signal, which is transmitted from an over-the-side, towed or hull mounted platform. The signal is processed in the compact deck unit.

System Components

The system comprises the deck unit (Transmitter Model 5430A and Receiver Model 5210A) and a four transducer array (Models T135) in a tow-fish (Model 136), over the side-mount assembly (Model 132) or a bespoke hull mount arrangement, which can be configured to hold up to 16 transducers.



Edge Tech 3300-HM Full Spectrum Sonar

The 3300-HM Full Spectrum Sonar is a versatile wideband FM sub-bottom profiler that generates cross-sectional images of the seabed and collects digital normal incidence reflection data over many frequency ranges. 3300-HM transmits an FM pulse that is linearly swept over a full spectrum frequency range (also called “chirp pulse”). The reflections measured by the system are displayed as shades of gray or color on a computer monitor and may be printed on a continuous feed thermal printer. Data is stored real time into a large capacity hard drive, and can be archived to a CD/DVD ROM via the installed DVD.

Resolution From 4 to 50 cm of vertical resolution depending on pulse vehicle and pulse bandwidth
Frequency Range 2-16 kHz
Pulses (user selected) 2-16 kHz,2-12 kHz,2-10 kHz
Vertical Resolution(depends on pulse selected) 6-10 cm
Penetration(typical) in coarse calcareous sandIn clay 6 m80 m
Beam Width Array Size 4.5 kHzCenter Frequency 6 kHzCenter Frequency
4 X 4 24° 20°



Edge Tech: SB-0512i и SB-216S


  • Choice of 2 tow fish depending on the application;
  • Low frequency for greater penetration
  • Pole mount option for shallow water surveys


The EdgeTech 3200 Sub-bottom Profiling System is a wideband Frequency Modulated (FM) sub-bottom profiler utilizing EdgeTech’s proprietary Full Spectrum CHIRP technology. The 3200 generates high-resolution images of the sub-bottom stratigraphy in oceans, lakes, and rivers and provides penetration of up to 200m.

The 3200 comes available with a choice of three stable, low drag towfish that operate at different frequencies and can be used at depths of up to 300m. The selection of towfish depends on the sub bottom characteristics as well as the resolution and penetration requirements.

Along with a towfish, a standard 3200 systems comes with a topside processor running EdgeTech’s DISCOVER sub-bottom acquisition & processing software as well as a customer-specified length of tow cable.  Additional optional sensors are also available.




Innomar SES-2000 compact

The SES-2000 compact model is the smallest member of the SES-2000 sub-bottom profiler family. It was designed for inshore surveys in shallow-water down to 400 meters water depth, but can also be used in coastal areas.

Because of its small size and weight this system is convenient even on the smallest boat. Controlled via Ethernet using any Windows based PC or laptop it is a user friendly and affordable design, too.



Technical Specification

Water depth range                               0.5 – 400m

Sediment penetration                           up to 40m (depending on sediment type and noise)

Range / Layer resolution                      approx. 1cm / up to 5cm

Transmit beam width (-3dB)               approx. ±2° / footprint <7% of water depth

Primary frequencies (PF)                     approx. 100kHz (frequency band 85 – 115 kHz)

Primary source level                             >238dB//µPa re 1m

Secondary low frequencies (SLF)       center freq. user selectable: 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 kHz

SLF total frequency band                    2 – 22 kHz

Pulse type                                             Ricker, CW

Pulse width                                          user selectable 0.07 – 1.0ms

Ping rate                                               up to 40 pings/s

Topside unit (transceiver)                    0.30m × 0.30m × 0.40m (½19”/6U) / weight 19kg

Transducer (20m cable)                        0.34m × 0.08m × 0.26m / weight 22kg incl. cable

Heave / Roll / Pitch compensation       yes / no / no (depending on sensor data)

Data acquisition                                   digital 24bit / 70kHz; envelope, opt. SLF full waveform

Auxiliary Input                                    GPS, HRP sensor, trigger (TTL)

Auxiliary Output                                  trigger (TTL), bottom track, analogue SLF

Power Supply                                       100–240V AC or 12/24V DC (option) / <200W



Geo-Source 800 Marine Multi-Tip Sparker System


  • VHR marine seismic source;
  • This sparker has become an industry; standard in the wind farm surveys;
  • Typically used with the 6 kJ power supply;
  • Uses the 4 x 10 mm, coaxial floating cable on reel;
  • Water depths from 2 to 2500 m;
  • Often used for multi-channel acquisition;
  • Penetration to 400 ms below seabed;
  • Vertical resolution up to 30 cm.

Geo-Source 200 Light Weight Marine Multi-Tip Sparker System


  • Applications:
  • Small vessel surveys;
  • Site & route surveys;
  • Offshore engineering;
  • Mineral exploration;
  • Oceanographic research

Operational Features:

  • Specially designed for small vessel surveys
  • Can be handled by one person
  • Water depths from 2 to 500 m
  • Penetration to 200 – 300 ms below seabed depending on geology
  • Vertical resolution up to 10- 30 cm
  • Overall performance depending on acoustic characteristics of vessel, geology and acquisition conditions

Applied Acoustic Squid 2000 Sparker

The Squid 2000 is intended for high resolution applications with low electrical power input and high penetration. It is stable under tow and can be easily adjusted for array depth for the best possible pulse shape.

Key features

  • Versatile – array depth can be adjusted and different sparker tips can be used to increase resolution
  • High amplitude short duration pulse with minimal reverberation. Significant penetration at 300- 2000J range
  • Planar horizontal electrode design for excellent seabed footprint
  • Fitted with RMK connectors as standard.
  • Lightweight, compact and easily deployed
  • Field replaceable electrodes



Applied Acoustic AA301 Boomer Plate

The AA301 is designed for high power applications and has the extra advantage of use as a variable frequency boomer when used with the CSP-D range of energy sources. This allows wide ranging pulse widths not formerly available. The lengthening of the pulse width ensures even greater penetration whist maintaining a high quality single pulse.

Key features

  • Maximum 350J per shot
  • Unique control of driven plate and precise pulse shape
  • Special cooling system for reliability
  • Replaceable components for easy field maintenance
  • Supplied with RMK connectors as standard.
  • Ideal for nearshore and shallow water surveys (100-150m depth) depending on geology.


Mini-Trace II 24-bit Very Hi-res Seismic Acquisition Module

Portable Ultra Hi-Res Seismic Acquisition System


  • Mini-Trace II  is a 24-bit dual channel recorder, able to operate and record two sources independently
  • The system comprises the Seismic USB interface with dedicated HP laptop or desktop
  • Geo-Suite Acquisition software allows seamless export to Geo-Suite Allworks processing and interpretation software
  • can be interfaced to Printrex plotter for online print out
  • Lightweight and robust.