Seismic station Geometrics CNT-2

The Deck Unit serves as the main panel for connections to the GeoEel, and runs on 60 VDC
(supplied). It serves several functions, including:

  • Provides power to and communication with A/D modules.
  • Accepts trigger signal from external source (usually a source controller).
  • Optionally provides a trigger output to fire source.
  • Provides interface between bird control system and birds.
  • Provides auxiliary channels.
  • Provides streamer leakage, voltage, and current tests.


Geometrics GeoEel твердотельная цифровая сейсмическая коса


  • Легкая и простая в обращении: 44,5 мм в диаметре, 192 канала (по 8 каналов в секции);
  • Экологически чистые и негорючие материалы: твердый полиуретан;
  • Широкая полоса пропускания с шагом дискретизации от 1/8 до 2;
  • Используется с сейсмостанцией Geometrics CNT-2;
  • Цифровые секции обеспечивают лучшее качество данных, меньшее время развертывания системы и поиска неполадок;
  • Может использоваться с любым персональным компьютером и стандартной сетью Ethernet
  • Бесшумная: твердотельное исполнение снижает шум буксировки косы до 4 микробар при нормальной скорости буксировки;
  • Встроенная система тестирования сейсмической косы и внутренней электроники.



GeoEel Solid™ Digital Streamer

  • Light and easy to handle: 44.5 mm diameter, up to 240 channels in 8-channel sections
  • Environmentally friendly and non-flammable: Solid polyurethane, ships by air
  • Wide bandwidth means more applications: samples at 1/8 to 2 ms for petroleum, engineering or sub-bottom profiling
  • Digital sections means better quality data, less time deploying and troubleshooting
  • No costly controller required: uses any PC and standard Ethernet
  • Whisper quiet: solid design yields under 4 microbars towing noise at normal towing speeds
  • Complete built-in testing of streamer and internal electronics



Gun Controller Seamap GunLink 2000

The GunLink 2000 is the Seamap On-Board Gun Controller and Hydrophone Acquisition System. It is expandable to control up to 256 guns and acquire data from up to 512 Near Field Hydrophones with 24 bit resolution at 0.1mS sampling.



Air gun Seamap Sleeve Gun 40 Cubic Inch и 10 Cubic Inch

The Seamap Sleeve Gun offers several key benefits over traditional air guns.

  • Improved safety – Sleeve Guns can be retrieved and deployed without being pressurized.
  • Signature reliability and 4D repeatability – Traditional air guns use multiple ports, and the resulting discharge of air becomes rapidly disorganized. In a compact array, these disorganized bubbles can interfere with each other in an unpredictable and non-repeatable fashion. Seamap’s Sleeve Gun uses a single 360 degree port, resulting in a predictable, spherical bubble with a reliable and repeatable interaction with adjacent guns.



Depth Control

Maintaining cables at a constant depth can improve the image quality and safety of marine data acquisition but is challenging due to variability introduced by ocean currents. ION’s universally compatible streamer leveling technology is used by virtually every seismic contractor and is proven to deliver:

  • Increased positional accuracy and flexibility through integration with acoustics and heading sensors
  • Reduced HSE risk by enabling operator to surface or dive cables to avoid obstacles or tangles

Low maintenance and cost of ownership



GPS Tracking System monitors precise locations for gun floats, chase boats, forward nav buoys and tail buoys. The system provides up to 32 inputs and interfaces directly with the shipboard’s central navigation system.

Key Features


  • Ruggedised: Shock mounted electronics package mounted in stainless steel housing provides reliable operation on gun floats and tail buoys.
  • Dual Function: Each module is equipped with both standard RS 485 data output and optional spread spectrum radio output
  • Accuracy: Proven sub-meter accuracy
  • Controller: Standard 19″ rack mount 16 channel on-board controller available.


48 Channel Gel filled Streamer Geo-Sense Light-weight for Ultra High resolution seismic

Main Characteristics:

  • Small diameter skin (41 mm), small bending radius, < 40 cm
  • Very rugged harness made of Delrin spacers plus two 5 mm Kevlar ropes with > 3000 kg breaking strength
  • Compact, stainless steel cable reel for easy and safe deployment
  • Multi-Trace 24 A-D module integrated in cable reel, minimizing E-noise
  • No connectors, all in one section
  • Specially designed to capture the HF spectrum from the Geo-Source Sparkers
  • Short 3-element active section of 50 cm minimizes spacial filtering
  • Small group interval of 3,125 m allows detailed velocity analysis
  • Classic analogue design, repairable in any cable shop < 40 cm


High power source Sparker Geo-Source 800 Geo Marine Survey for Ultra High resolution seismic.
Geo-Spark 6 kJ & 16 kJ Oceanographic Series


  • The ultimate HV power supply using the negative discharge technology;
  • Top quality, Top reliability;
  • Modular architecture – all sub-units can be hand-carried;
  • up to 6000 / 16000 Joules;
  • No electrical oscillations;
  • Selectable capacitance;
  • Online variable voltage;
  • LCD screen with conprehensive overview of all settings;
  • Humidity and Temperature protection;
  • User-friendly and 100% safe.