Tide Gauges

A tide gauge is a device for measuring the change in sea level relative to a datum. Sensors continuously record the height of the water level with respect to a height reference surface close to the geoid. Water enters the device by the bottom pipe (far end of the tube, see picture), and electronic sensors measure its height and send the data to a tiny computer.

 Valeport miniTide

Measurement range up to 500 m
Accuracy 0,01 % of WD

Valeport Tide Master

Measurement range up to  20 m
Accuracy 0,01 m

Sound Velocity Sensors and CTDs

The direct measuring devices are known as sound velocimeters. These instruments (sensors) measure the actual sound speed of the water at the location of the instrument.  Sound velocimeters measure sound velocity using a time-of-flight methodology.  A single acoustic pulse is transmitted into the water.  The pulse travels a fixed, calibrated distance to a reflector plate and then returns through the water to the transducer.

Valeport Midas CTD

Measurement range up to 600 m
Accuracy of depths 0,01 % of depths
Accuracy of temperature 0,01 °С
Accuracy of conductivity 0,01 mS/cm

SV Plus V2

Measurement range up to  1000 m
Accuracy of depths 0,05 % of depths
Accuracy of temperature 0,05 °С
Accuracy of  Sound Velocity 0,5 m/s

Reson SVP 15

Measurement range up to  200 m
Accuracy of depths 0,1 m + % 0,2 of depths
Accuracy of  Sound Velocity 0,25 m/s

Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP)

These types of work performed for long-term collection of meteorological data used for scientific research and design of offshore structures.

Accuracy of the velocity of currents 0,5 % of value
Measurement range   of flow velocity 5 – 20 m/s
Accuracy of current direction
Number horizons 128
Accuracy of temperature 0,4°, -5° – +45°С
Accuracy of pressure 0,1%, 0 – 300 m

DWR4 with ACM

Accuracy of the wave height 0,5 % of  value, -20 – +20 m
The measuring range of the wave period 1 – 30 с
Accuracy of determining the direction of the wave 0,1°,0° — 360°
Accuracy of temperature 0,1°, -5° — +35°С

Current velocity

Range: 0 – 300 cm/s, resolution: 1 mm/s
Accuracy: 1% of measured value +/- 2 cm/sStd. (1σ): 1 – 3 cm/s

Current direction

Range: 0° – 360°, resolution 0.1°
Accuracy: 1.4° – 3° (depending on latitude) typical 1.5°Std. (1σ): <5° for velocities >0.2m/s


Meteorological station  МК 26

Accuracy of measuring the wind speed 0,135 m/s, 0-125  knot
Accuracy of wind direction
Accuracy of air temperature 0,1°, -100°  – +100°С
Accuracy of determining the amount of precipitation 3%, 0 – 9999 mm