SIDE SCAN SONAR EdgeTech 4200-FS and 4200-HF

The 4200 Series is a versatile side scan sonar system that can be configured for almost any survey application from shallow to deep water operations. The 4200 utilizes EdgeTech’s Full Spectrum® CHIRP technology to provide crisp, high resolution imagery at ranges up to 50% greater than non-CHIRP systems; thus allowing customers to cover larger areas and save money spent on costly surveys.

One of the unique features of the 4200 is the optional Multi-Pulse (MP) technology, which places two sound pulses in the water rather than one pulse like conventional side scan sonar systems. This allows the 4200 to be towed at speeds of up to 10 knots while still maintaining 100% bottom coverage. In addition, the MP technology will provide twice the resolution when operating at normal tow speeds, thus allowing for better target detection and classification ability. The addition of the optional MP technology provides the operator with two modes of operation; either High Definition Mode (HDM) or High Speed Mode (HSM). This software-selectable mode of operation provides the operator the ability to select the best configuration for the specific job type.

Numerous additional sensors are also available for the 4200 including a fully integrated tracking system with built-in responder nose.

Technical characteristics  Edgetech 4200
System Specifications 4200-FS 4200-HF 4200-MP
Frequency 100/400 kHz 300/600 kHz 300/900
Operating Range (typical maximum with good imagery) 100 kHz: 50 meters/side 300 kHz: 23 meters/side 300 kHz: 230 meters/side
400 kHz: 150 meters 600 kHz: 120 meters/side 900 kHz: 75 meters/side
Towing Speed (max safe) 12 knots
Towing Speed 4.8 knots in HDM, 9.6 knots in HSM
Resolution Across Track 100 kHz: 8 cm, 400 kHz: 2 cm 300 kHz: 3 cm, 600 kHz: 1.5 cm 300 kHz: 3 cm 900 kHz: 1 cm
Resolution Along Track HDM:100 kHz: 2.5m @ 200 meter range; 300 kHz: 1.0 m @ 200 meter range; 400 kHz: 0.5 m @ 100 m; 600 kHz: 0.45 m @ 100 m; 900 kHz: 18 сm @ 50 m
HSM; 100 kHz: 4.4 m @ 200 m; 300 kHz: 1.9 m @ 150 m; 400 kHz: 0.7 m @ 100 m; 600 kHz: 0.6 m @ 100 m; 900 kHz: 26 сm @ 50 m.
Horizontal Beam Width (HDM) 100 kHz: 0.64°, 400 kHz: 0.3° 300 kHz: 0.28°, 600 kHz: 0.26° 300 kHz: 0,28°, 900 kHz: 0,2°
Horizontal Beam Width (HSM) 100 kHz: 1.26°, 400 kHz: 0.4° 300 kHz: 0.54°, 600 kHz: 0.34° 300 кГц: 0,54°, 900 кГц: 0,3°
Operating Depth (meters) 2000 (SS) / 300 (Alum) tow bodies
Operating Temperature -10°С 35°С


The EdgeTech 4125 Sonar System was developed for both research work (UXO) and search and rescue (SAR) activities, as well as for shallow water survey. The 4125 utilizes EdgeTech’s Full Spectrum® CHIRP technology, which provides higher resolution imagery at ranges up to 50% greater than non-CHIRP systems operating at the same frequency.  This translates into more accurate results and faster surveys, thus cutting down on costs.

Two dual simultaneous frequency sets are available for the 4125 depending on the application.  The 400/900 kHz set is the perfect tool for shallow water survey applications, providing an ideal combination of range and resolution.  The 600/1600 kHz set is ideally suited for customers that require ultra-high resolution imagery in order to detect very small targets (UXO, SAR).

Technical characteristics  Edge Tech 4125
Pulse type EdgeTech’s Full Spectrum® CHIRP (user-selectable CW pulses also included)
Frequency 400/900 kHz 600/1600 kHz
Operating Range (typical maximum with good imagery) 400 kHz: 150 meters/side, 900 kHz: 75 meters/side, 600 kHz: 120 meters/side, 1600 kHz: 35 meters/side
Resolution Across Track 400 kHz: 2,3 cm; 900 kHz: 1,5 cm; 600 kHz: 1,5 cm; 1600 kHz: 0,6 cm
Horizontal Beam Width 400 kHz: 0.46°, 900 kHz: 0.28°; 600 kHz: 0.33°; 1600 kHz: 0.20°
Vertical Beam Width 50°
Max Depth Rating of Towfish 200 meters

Transverse Gradiometer Geometrics G-882

Geometrics’ G-882 Marine Magnetometer is the leading marine system in the industry!

This very high-resolution Cesium vapor marine magnetometer is small in size, and offers flexibility for professional surveys in shallow or deep water. Being small and lightweight, it is easily deployed and operated by one person.

This marine magnetometer system is particularly well-suited for the detection and mapping of all sizes of ferrous objects. This includes anchors, chains, cables, pipelines, ballast stones and other scattered shipwreck debris, munitions of all sizes (UXO), aircraft, engines and any other object with a magnetic expression. The G-882 is also perfect for geological studies.

The system directly interfaces to all major side-scan manufacturers for tandem tow configurations.



Geometrics’ model G-882TVG Transverse Gradiometer system is an advanced integrated magnetometer system providing unmatched versatility and performance. It has a 1.5m-wide sensor separation for maximum target detection efficiency and survey cost effectiveness.

The system’s high performance is excellent for the detection and delineation of cables, pipelines, and environmental, ar chaeological or military UXO and EOD targets.

The G-882TVG comprises a transverse wing and two G-882 Cesium vapor magnetometer fish with stabilizer weights and fins. Dual sensors are synchronized to 1ms sampling and data is transmitted serially for recording by PC.


Technical characteristics G-822
Operating Principle: Self-oscillating split-beam Cesium Vapor (non-radioactive).
Operating Range: 20,000 to 100,000 nT
Absolute Accuracy: <3 nT throughout range.
Sensitivity: 0.01 nT
Resolution 0.001 nT
Operating Temperature: -30oF to +122oF (-35oC to +50oC)