Quality, Security, Health, Safety and Environment Protection Policy Statement

The Company’s objective is to provide survey and geophysical services in accordance with the customers, state and society requirements in terms of quality, security, safety, health and the environmental protection.

The Prime Value of the Company is highly experienced, healthy, active and continuously developing people.

Management commits to

  • create safe, healthy and productive working environment for all employees both shore- based and offshore;
  • prevent injuries, mitigate the risk of occupational diseases;
  • protect the environment, use resources sustainably, prevent accidental pollution, reduce negative impact to the environment;
  • continuously improve employees skills, including readiness to accident situations;
  • comply with agreed customers policies and procedures;
  • continually improve integrated management system and its performance;
  • increase process efficiency and reduce costs;
  • identify more significant quality service indicators for clients and improve it constantly;
  • request clients feedback, opinions about completed works and use it to improve service quality constantly;
  • provide resources to implement this Policy.
  • Listed commitments will be supplemental liabilities to the main responsibility adhere to implemented integrated management system, all legal, regulatory and contract requirements.

Strategic objectives

  • Zero injuries and occupational health cases;
  • Zero spills and accidental pollutions;
  • Zero cases of mechanical and facilities malfunction;
  • Zero negative responses from our clients.

Key authorities and responsibilities

Overall and final responsibility for quality, security, health, safety and environmental protection is that of Company’s General Director.

Responsibility for Policy being carried out at the workplaces rests with site managers.
Each manager enforces the most stringent requirements: Companies, customers, or legal.
HSE professionals are liable for assisting managers of all levels to implement this Policy and to assure independent active and reactive monitoring.
Every employee within its authority is responsible to adhere to quality, safety and environmental protection requirements.
Everyone has the authority to stop any work or operation, if he considers that it is unsafe.
All employees and contractors are responsible for maintaining respectful relations with colleagues. Visitors and contractors have duty to follow this Policy

General director
January 17th 2019

Antipov Sergey



Drug and alcohol policy

Storage, usage or distribution of alcohol, drugs, and substances containing it will be allowed on work sites, company vessels only for medical & process purposes with written approval by Company top management. Never & no one will be allowed to work under alcohol, drug, toxic inebriation or under withdrawal syndrome condition. Cases: abuses, usage, storage of approved medicals, distribution or sale of unauthorized or without prescription drugs, distribution of which is controlled by Law, in company office or other work locations will be considered as employer-employee relationship termination.

The Company arranges pre-employment, post-incident, and reasonable / suspicion alcohol, drug or other toxic inebriation test. For critical personnel extra random tests are conducted.

If any other requirements are not stated directly by medically qualified person to commence & proceed works it is required complete absence of drugs, alcohol in human body.

Although alcohol & drugs policy mentioned above is definitely related (from its name) to alcohol, drugs it is concerned with all substances containing drugs & alcohol including medicals affecting the reaction.

Employees using medicals free sales under doctor prescription able to affect reaction or contain alcohol or drugs in any dozes have to report to medic on work site, but if medic is not available – report to the line supervisor. Report about prohibited by the policy drugs usage prior works commencement is not a reason to permit employees to work, but it should not be the reason to take disciplinary measures.

Other companies, contractors employees, visitor have to follow the alcohol & drugs policy while probation on location under Company responsibility.

General director
January 17th 2019

Antipov Sergey