ROMONA had been established in 1991
based on geodetic subdivisions of survey
and oil-and-gas organizations of Sakhalin.

ROMONA has more than 20 years survey
experience in oil-and-gas industry.
Company earned a good reputation
as reliable and diligent contractor.

ROMONA has all necessary certificates
to offer services according to legislations
of Russian Federation.

Our customers are such big oil-and-gas
companies as ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, Rosneft,
Gazprom, Sakhalin Energy,
Total, Chevron, Unocal etc.

ROMONA Inc implements policies in the field
of environmental protection, creating a safe working
environment and the preservation of personnel’s health.
Safe working practices are the fundamental principle of ROMONA.

Our services

Site surveys

Metocean researches

Navigation and positioning support

High-precision position control of the structures

Underwater inspection

Data processing

Licenses & Certificates